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[November 25th, 2009]

This is cool because this is how I see things right now.
Papertissue is the most legit thing in the universe

Hehehehe :)

This is how music sounds to me right now:

Dis one makes me extra happy

This one tickles me too

And this makes my heart so happy you wouldn't believe it! Pooh and I are homies for life.

This one that I found made me laugh supa hard because I was soo angry at mister reindeer man after he broke my heart and all...so I took away his reindeer ears! And then I found this...so funny hehe >:)

But in the end...this is all we really want, isn't it?

This guy reminds me that it's cool to be alive & to be a tree

This is kayt & I

All of these just make my heart happy

Goodnight moon
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